catering tent


Skye Rentals has the best catering tents in the Los Angeles area. Catering tents need to be large enough for everyone to move about comfortably among the seating areas. If there are servers, they need room to safely maneuver around and between tables.

You know how much you hate to be squeezed at a table of six when there is only room for four to be comfortable. Then you have to sit there with your elbows glued to your sides for two hours while eating a five-course meal and another two hours for the entertainment or auction or speech. This is your event so do not do that to people, especially if you want their money.

Space is important if serving is buffet style as well. Guests need not be lined up butt to belly in the buffet line. Spread out the serving platters so people can see what is there without looking over someone’s shoulder.

Test the seating in your catering tent. Pull the chairs all the way out from two adjacent tables. Can you walk between them? If not, spread the tables until you can. Everyone will be more comfortable moving about and there will be less jolting while people eat.

If the air is warm rent fans to move the air through the tent and maybe open two side flaps to ventilate. If the air is cool, the tent can be closed on all sides and you can rent heaters and place them strategically throughout the tent.

Skye Rentals has all the supplies you need for a successful outdoor dining event or for meal service for cast and crew. Our location services will have your venue set up for you more quickly than you can imagine and removal is complete, leaving the site clean.